David Klein, Painter

"Boating My Way"
60" x 40", Acrylic, Jan 1998

"Son E"
16" x 20", Acrylic, Aug 1998

"Sun Dagger"
6' x 4', Oil, Aug 1995

What is art to me?
  I think art has been used through the ages for only one thing, to transmit a message. The artist's belief in passing on an idea. You have to think of the early artists, who's work was used to convey a message. The first artists where the cave artists, who drew on the wall to show animals and plants, they needed to exist on. They where men, as we were let to believe. Women would draw design on pottery or intricate patterns into woven cloth. They would show harmony of family life, usually. They both used art to communicate their religious beliefs, the best place to go fishing or hunting, or family life and traditions.

To me art is like a riddle I have made up of life. Why the human mind is like a sieve? In our western culture, most of us remember the hard things in life rather than the soft thing. In the east they remember the soft things in life rather than the hard things. So the human mind in our western culture, lets the soft things go through the sieve and the hard things cannot be strained through.

For art to be good, it has to stick into a persons mind without passing through. That is what I try to achieve in my work. Art gives me one advantage that most of us do not think of, control over creation of the outcome.

The problem with this is there are factors beyond your control that effects the creation of the art. That is the means to make a living at it and buy the materials to execute your work, what I would call the art equation. This means the ability to sell your work, support yourself and your family, and the ability to buy more materials to do your art work without causing undo hardship to all that you love.

For me the best way for a person to learn to do art is to study the path of the people who have come before you. This does not mean to embrace their ideas but to expand on their ideas. For a person not to do it this way, the person would have to reinvent the wheel and loose valuable time experimenting in areas where people have already paved the way. This means the person is self taught or trained in a classroom setting.

The first thing to do is look at other people's work. Not just at men's work, but women's work even children's work.

Second, looks at all forms of work from cave paintings, to the old masters, to the impressionists, to modernists, to surrealist, to the outside art.

Third, not to think of art as bound by geographical location. Look at the art from around the world. Look at how other people handle color, shape, form and use of materials.

Fourth, look at art from all time periods that have stood the test of time. If you look at it today and it still looks fresh even if it is a hundred or thousands of years old.

The job of the artist is to make a lasting impression on those who view the work at hand and cause the viewer to think and remember the work. For me to do work in art gives me total control over part of my world. I try to do each piece to achieve harmony and balance between the colors and the forms and shapes. To give the viewer something to ponder about what is being shown. To give new life to old ideas. Cause new ideas to be accepted. Why does my art work look different than everybody else? The reason why is because my mind sees everything different than everybody else. It is wired differently because I am dyslexic. My view of color shape and form is a retrospective view of how I perceive the world. It is a contrasting difference of a parallel world. Good art stands the test of time. A good design grows old with time and looks old-fashioned.


  David Klein was born at St. Joseph's Community Hospital in West Bend, Wisconsin on November 13, 1950. He attended West Bend High School and graduated in 1970. After gradation he started working full time at the West Bend Company. He has been employed at the West Bend Company since his graduation and is a member of their 25 year club.

In 1989 he started taking classes at the University of Wisconsin, Fond du Lac. In 1990 he took an art appreciation coarse instructed by William P. Griffiths. After the end of the coarse he asked professor Griffiths if he could take a 3 dimensional design class and Prof. Griffiths said no problem and has been saying no problem ever since. In 1992, he took a 2 dimensions art coarse under the instruction of Jeanne Eberlein-Burmeister. Over the following years he has received encouragement and constructive support from Professor Griffiths. William P. Griffiths was the first person to believe that he had a artistic talent.

He has had his art work exhibited at the People's Gallery, 109 N. Broadway, DePere, Wisconsin, in January of 1995. He has also had his work exhibited at several of the University of Wisconsin campuses. His works have also been exhibited at several art galleries and museums. David considers the West Bend Art Museum, 300 South 6th Avenue, West Bend, Wisconsin., a big part of his interest and study in independent art. He has been visiting the museum regularly since 1963. In 1994 he had his paintings displayed at the museum.

In 1971 he met his wife Mary and they where wed on May 27, 1972. He has three children, Eric, Angela and Bridget. Eric attended Moraine Park Technical College. He graduated in 1995 with an associate degree in Computer Aided Manufacturing. Eric married Charity Vixmer in July of 1995. On March 28, 1998 Eric and Charity had a daughter, Emma, making him a grandfather. Angela received her Bachelors degree at Michigan Technological University in 1996 in Medical Technologies and Environmental Health. She is attending graduate school at the University of Alabama. Bridget is a graduate of Campbellsport High School. She has enlisted in the Army reserves and plans to attend Carol College. His wife Mary is a cook at Bublitz Family Restaurant in Lomira. She enjoys cooking and needle crafts. I can be contacted by email at demarcationartstudio@worldnet.att.net


Art Shows
1999   November. Laredo Center for The Arts, 500 San Agustin Ave., Laredo, Texas 78040, phone number 956-725-1715.

January 1-31. Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts and Letters, 1922 University Avenue, Madison, WI "My Way The Cafe" can be viewed on website at wisc.edu/wisacad/

1998   September 19-January 3. 56th Art Annual Juried Exhibition. Neville Public Museum, 210 Museum Place, Green Bay, WI 54303-2780. "Guter Ist Halbe Arbeit" was exhibited. This exhibit was juried by Judith Moriarty and Sally Gauger-Jensen.

August 21- August 20, 1999. Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors present Virtually the 3rd. "Daughter B" was exhibited, also winning one of the three awards of this show. Judith Ann Moriarty, editor of Art Muscle Magazine. Show can be viewed on line at http:/www.win.net/~wi-art through the dates shown above.

August 18-September 18. Cafe Caffeine, 2611 East Hampshire Ave., Milwaukee, WI. The Bend featuring artists Jeff Jahn, David Klein, and Dale Konstanz will be exhibiting. Works exhibited were "Brenda", "Highway to Heaven", "Oak Savanna", "Sticky Buns", "Silver Doors", "The Cafe My Way", "In Front Of Window" "St. Louis & Watts Tower", and "When We Get Older Do Our Toys Get Bigger".

July 20-August 29. Artbite. Art Centric & Valenti design, 217 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202. "In Front of Window" was exhibited. Featured artists in show were Theresa Able, Dede Bangs, Robert Carpenter, Deb Gottschalk, Kelli R. Hoppmann, Andy Mayhall, Tim O'Neill.

July 1-August 1. July 4th National Exhibition. Franklin Square Gallery, 130 East West Street, Southport, North Carolina. This show was juried by Louise Cadillac, MFA. Painting exhibited was "Bernadette '95".

May 29-July 17. Gallery 110 North, Plymouth, WI 53073. Not Only Badgers, Packers, and Cows. This show was juried by Thomas Lidtke, Executive Director of the West Bend Art Museum. Paintings exhibited were "Guter Ist Halbe Arbeit" and "Boating My Way.

May 1. Channel 10/36 Friends Auction, 700 W. State Street, Milwaukee, WI. "Kids The New Family" was included in the Juried Art section of the Art, Antiques and Collectibles portion of the Auction. Jurors were Peggy Thurston Farrell, Curator of the WI Collection and Gallery Director at Carroll College, Pacia Sallomi, and Jody Nolan.

March 12-April 18. Art Centric & Valenti design, 217 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Worlds Concealed Worlds Revealed. Featured artists are Jodi Castagnozzi, Jalerie J. Christell, JoAnna Graves, and Marie Sprecher. "Looking Glass" was exhibited.

March 14. Slotin Folk Art Auction, 5967 Blackberry Lane, Buford, GA 30518. "Caterpillar 2 Ton Tractor" and "Door County Train" to be sold.

February 28. Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, Third Annual Birdhouse Auction and Artfest, 2233 North 30th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208. "Building Homes with Faith, Hope, and Charity" is the painting donated. Jean Leslie, Executive Director, and Special Events Coordinator, Mary Paluso. Auction held at Marquette University Memorial Union.

January 25-April 12. Six Counties Exhibition. John Michael Kohler Arts Center, 608 New York Ave., Sheboygan, WI 53082-0489. "My Way The Cafe" was exhibited. The juror for this show was Dean Sobel, chief curator of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

January 25-March 1. St. Somewhere Cafe and Coffee House, 243 North Main Street, West Bend, WI., phone number 414-338-4817. The Bend. Featured artists Dale Konstanz, David Klein, and Jeff Jahn. Pictures exhibited are "Brenda", "Night Intruder", "Highway To Heaven", "Oak Savanna", and "When We Get Older Do Our Toys Get Bigger".

January 12-February 28. Art Centric & Valenti design, 217 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202. Species, a Menagerie of artwork incorporating animals into subject and content. Artists in show, Patsy Chavez, Jane Collins, Jewel Dhuru, Jason Fricke, Kristin Gjerdset, R. John Gurney, Julie Harris, Cynthia Hayes, Kathy Kercheck, Jen Knavel, Deidre Prozen, Sheila Sullivan, Greg Slavik, Vito Valenti, Julian West, David Klein, and others. Painting in exhibit were "Open Window" and "Paint the Wind".

January 10. Three Pillars, 36225 Sunset Drive, Dousman, WI 53118. Held workshop for residents with the help of Heidi M. Stewart, campus activity director, and Joseph Jahn.

1997   December 13-January 11, 1998. Washington County & Art Museum Friends Annual Exhibition, West Bend Art Museum, 300 South 6th Ave., West Bend, WI 53095. "Who's Closer To God" (memorial to Princess Di and Mother Theresa) was exhibited. Juried by Thomas D. Lidtke.

November 24-January 10, 1998. Art Centric & Valenti design, 217 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202. No Place Like Home, from functional to the fanciful, artwork devoted to the domestic realm. Artists in show, Debra Brehmer, Eddee Daniel, Joyce Eesley, Mark Gray, Janie Hastings Gupton, Peg Haubert, Douglas Holst, Dean Lettenstrom, Collen Levake, Jennifer Mahlman, Phil Modjeski, Jeanne Smith, Maria Sprecher, Vito Valenti, Nan Wollman, Elise Worman, David Klein, and others. Painting in exhibit were "Open Window", "Paint the Wind", and "Wild Fire".

November 21-January 4. Gallery 110 North, Plymouth, WI 53073. "Bear & Cub" and "First Flight" were exhibited. This show was juried by Roseann Weinbold.

November 16-January 4. The Bend. Sunroom Cafe & Gallery, 638 State Street, Madison, WI. Featured artists Dale Konstanz, David Klein, and Jeff Jahn. Works exhibited were "Noontide", "Ist Halbe Arbeit", "New Tractor", "When We Get Older Do Our Toys Get Bigger", "Night Intruder", and "Brenda".

November 1-30. Visionary Art. The Community Arts Center Kerridge Gallery, 126 Quincy Street, Hancock, MI 49930. This show was supported by a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs. "Roy", "Debbie", "Seer", "The Face of Liberty", "Nirvana Gringo", "Son of Zebu", "Mountain Valley Worker", "John", "Hallucinations", "Lost", "Paramour", "Lineman", "Zygote", "Kathy"," "Min" The Twins", "Lilongwe", Bim" The Twins", "Best Friend", "Daughter B", and "Pink Lady" were exhibited. This show was juried by Cynthia Cota. Work shop was held at the center on November 1.

October 19. Collect-O-Rama '97. Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art, 1926 N. Halsted Street, Chicago, Il. 60614. "Volcano" and "Aquatic Images" were exhibited in this show.

October16-30. Discovering Art. Michael H. Lord Gallery, 420 E. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI. Artists in the show were Eugene Von Bruenchenhein, Howard Finster, Moses Tolliver, David Klein and others. Pictures exhibited were "Stonehedge", "June 29", "Truth Reality", and "Dogma Death of Education Written Word".

October 6-November 22 Art Centric Gallery, 217 N. Broadway, Milwaukee, WI 53202 phone number 414-220-9660. "Rudy Crystal", "Wild Fire", "Happy Wanders", "Peacock Valley", "Dichotomy Gate", "Karen", "My Way The Cafe" and "Road To Empyrean" are included in this show called OUTER LIMITS. Artists participating in this exhibition are Jose Chavez, Jewel Dhuru, Dr. Evermor, Dick Hanson, Gary Kandziora, David Klein, Ned Luhm, Joe Moroni, Ellis Nelson, Lori Reich, Rudy Rotter, Maria Sprecher, and others.

October 18-November 14. 9th Annual High Plains Heritage Art Show. Fort Morgan Museum, 414 Main Street, Fort Morgan, CO 80701, phone number 970-867-6331. This exhibit was juried by Larry Prestwich, North Eastern Junior College. "Train Car" and "Oak Savanna" were exhibited.

September 2-30. Jon Jacobs Co. 154 Green Bay Road, Thiensville, WI 53092. Pictures exhibited are "Blue Gray", "Circle of Light", "Last of the Challenge of Today", "Rainbow", "My Way", "Caterpillar 2 Ton Tractor", and "Looking Glass".

August 23-January 1. Barrister's Gallery, 526 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, phone number 504-525-2767. Pictures exhibited are "First Jet", "The Marian Jester", "Great Plains Train", "Bear", "Novazembla", "Demarcate", and "Larry".

July 14-December 14 Metro 1 Gallery, 10006 Water Street, Hwy. 42, Ephraim, WI 54211 phone number 920-854-5479. Pictures exhibited are "The Scream By Edward Munch My Way", "Anticipates", "Nekoosa", "Corn Planter", "Ford Tractor", "Door County Autumn", "Imagination", and "ID4". "Imagination" was purchased and went to Paris, France.

June 16-September 16 St. Somewhere Cafe and coffee house, 243 North Main Street, West Bend, WI., phone number 414-338-4817. This show was juried by Nina Mehring. Pictures exhibited are "Waves at Matushima", "Lost", "Hallucinations", "My Hell", "Yellow Light", and "Volcano".

May 30-July 13. Montana Interpretations Juried Art Exhibition, sponsored by the Montana Institute of Arts Butte Branch. Art Chateau, 321 West Broadway, Butte, Montana, a community art center and museum, is where the exhibition was held. Fred J. Boyer, artist and sculptor, juried this show. "Larry" was exhibited.

May 23-July 14. Gallery 110 North, Plymouth, WI. THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW juried art exhibition. Juried by Jane Doud, co-founder of Lake Art Fair, which eventually became Lakefront Festival of Arts in Milwaukee. "Sun Dagger" and "Last Dance or At The Moulin Rouge My Way" was exhibited.

May 18-June 29. WP&S/WAAM Spring Juried Membership Exhibition at the Anderson Art Center, Kenosha, WI. "Night Intruder" was exhibited in this show. Bruce W. Pipich, director of the Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts, juried this exhibition.

April 25-27 SECURA Insurance and Appleton Art Center 17 Annual Fine Arts Juried Exhibition. Juried by Martha Schneider, owner of the Schneider Gallery, 230 West Superior, Chicago, Il. Featured guest artist Alice King Case. "Lost" and "Nirvana Gringo" where exhibited at the show.

April 19 ARTNOW A National Demonstration and Celebration of Art Washington, D.C. a slide show at the Mall.

April 8-April 22. Instinct, 725 N. Milwaukee St., Milwaukee, WI 53202. This is a group show, which includes these works: "Ford Tractor", "John", "Bim, the Twin", "Demarcate", "Paint The Wind", "Kismet", and "My Way The Cafe". This show was juried by Catherine Burdick.

April, "Best Friends" was featured in RAW VISIONS magazine in its RAW FACES pages #18 Spring 1997, page 26, published by Raw Vision Ltd, 42 Llanvanor Road, London NW2 2AP. RAW VISION is a magazine depicting intuitive, visionary, outsider, brute, contemporary folk, and self taught art.

March 3-May 12, 1997 St. Somewhere Cafe and coffee house, 243 North Main Street, West Bend, WI., phone number 414-338-4817. This show was juried by Nina Mehring. Pictures exhibited are "Pink Lady", "Daughter B", and "Bear". This is a two man show. Dale Konstanz, 235 Bittersweet Drive, West Bend, WI. is the other artist exhibiting in this show.


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