Highlights of contemporary Wisconsin ceramics

by Doug E. L. Haynes

The following is a quick rundown of significant figures in contemporary Wisconsin ceramics. This just scratches the surface of the talent working in clay in Wisconsin. Those not included will have to forgive the author for doing his best within the limits of time and space afforded here.

Randy Becker - Sugar River Gallery
Becker has built up an exemplary program teaching ceramics at Verona High School. Part of the education process has involved bringing first rate shows to the Sugar River Gallery located at the school.

The Bindly collection
Dennis and Colleen Bindly have been collecting ceramics for years. The collection is a result of their passion for the medium and the joy of finding exciting new work by up and coming artists. There are over 2500 works in their collection representing over 1800 artists. About one third of the collection consists of the work of Wisconsin artists. Portions of the collection have occasionally been lent for exhibition, so keep an eye out for the next showing of this collection.

Clare Berger, Geneva Art Pottery - www.geneva-art-pottery.com
Established in 1988 by Claire Berger and former partner John Bailey when they came to Wisconsin from making ceramics in La Borne France.

Rick Foris
Located in Amherst Junction in Portage county, Foris makes painted and glazed raku vessels.

Bruce Howdle - www.brucehowdle.com
Howdle has been in Mineral Point since the 1970’s. His specialty is large scale ceramic murals.

Randy Johnson - www.uwrf.edu/~rj16
Located in River Falls, Johnson fires thrown vessels in wood burning kilns

Paoli Clay Company
Known far beyond the borders of Wisconsin, This supplier of clay and other ceramic supplies was founded by Harvey Littleton in the 60’s. It is now owned by the Jacobs family.

Michael Scheal, Rock Eagle Pottery www.woodfiredpots.com
Located in Cambridge.

Mark Skudlarek, Cambridge Wood-fired Pottery www.cambridgepottery.com
Fires a “noborigama” chamber kiln three times per year.

David Smith www.anagama.org
Smith specializes in anagama kilns. He has a kiln in Stoughton and also travels to Arizona to fire kilns with Don Reitz.

Karen Terpstra www.uwlax.edu/faculty/terpstra/
Fires wood fired kilns at the UW La Crosse

Tony Winchester www.winchesterpottery.longaway.com/
Located in Blancardville, Winchester creates functional works in high fired stoneware.