by Janet Roberts

At the award presentation of the Wisconsin Artistsí†2005 Biennial, I stood by Gary John Greslís side as he praised the participating artists, expressed delight in the award pieces, and gave encouragement to those artists not receiving awards and those who were not juried in at all.

This is the second Biennial I have co-chaired with Gary, and one of many WP&S events Iíve had the privilege to be involved in that Gary has spearheaded. Because he is so competent, because he approaches everything he does with such grace, dedication and good humor, I have found it all too easy to take these qualities for granted. But standing with him at the Anderson Art Center, it suddenly struck me that Gary is not only the glue that holds our brave and struggling little organization together, but a person who accepts that role with no expectations of praise or reward. I think it is time for me to step up and acknowledge his contributions, and to bring them to the attention of all of you. Actually, I am pretty sure that you as WP&S members know this, and have most likely had these same thoughts.

So I hereby take this opportunity to formally and FERVENTLY express on my behalf and all of the WP&S membership, our sincere appreciation to Gary John Gresl, our very own Don Quixote, who will forever be doing battle for us and tilting at the windmills of apathy and complacency in the arts.†