Award Winners from the WP&S 2005 Wisconsin Artists Biennial

Imploded Books, by Edwin Jager Vishnu as Varaha The Book, by Holley Bakisch Blue 42, by Emily Barthel Little Drops of Death, Katherine Biehl
Basket Rider, by Nova Czarnecki X-Ray du Soleil, by Susan Gilgen Robo- Youth, by David V. Holmes Little Plum School, by David Husom Red White and Blue The Immigrant, by Dr. Peter Mak
Call Mom at Mall, by George Ronsholdt Measured Moments: Displacement I, by Christine Style Means of Production, by Cara Tomlinson Baby Quilt #3, by Monte Wilson Tara and Paul, by Angela Young
Busines Up Front..., by Drew Malcolm You’re in the Doghouse Now, by James Matson
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