Japan Exchange History

In the fall of 2000 the South Central (SC) Chapter of WP&S celebrated their 100th anniversary by inviting professional Japanese artists and their spouses to Madison, Wisconsin, for a week of home hosting, joint museum exhibitions, demonstrations and art related activities. It was a rousing success. In October 2002 SC Chapter members were hosted in Japan with joint museum exhibitions, etc. Bonds of friendship were strengthened, understanding and appreciation of cultures and traditions of both countries were enhanced, and family life and art techniques were shared.

Information on the 2000 and the 2002ís event may be found here:

The Japanese artists were so impressed by their experience here that they formed a non-profit organization called Japan n the Road. Its members are returning here in 2005. Join us for history in the making.

Our Japanese guests will be here from of Oct 2 - 9th so this week will be full of openings, demonstrations, lectures and social events. Please join the events at the West Bend Art Museum, the Neville Public Museum of Brown County the Memorial Union Galleries, Alverno College, St. Norbert College and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Please note that the exhibits extend beyond the week of the exchange so be sure to check them out.

Michiko Yanagi, Hiroyasu Ishii and Kazuyuki Terada Tokyo Night Shizue Kido Taketsune Kubota and Minoru Ishihara
Hanging artwork in 2002 at the Inoue gallery Clockwise from left foreground: Akiko and Yuji Kobayashi, Ms. Inoue, Kazuyuki Terada Minoru Ishihara, Michiko Yanagi, Doug Haynes, Shizue Kido, Manabu Takagishi
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