Milwaukee Artist Marketplace a Success

Art enthusiasts browse at the Milwaukee Artists Marketplace
After months of preparation, on July 30th the first Annual Artist Marketplace was held on the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum, immediately in front of the beautiful Calatrava addition.† The weather was spectacular, the crowds were large, and the nearly 90 artists set up in about 60 tents to enjoy the interaction and comradeship.†

† The South East Chapter of WP&S participated with 18 artists setting up in 9 small tents.† On the set up day, Friday, there was a sizable wind that set some fears afoot, but the actual Saturday event could not have been nicer.† There was little to no wind, the†sun shone all day, and there was a constant flow of foot traffic from 10 AM to 5 PM.

† A WP&S representative had been among the several persons working to plan the Marketplace along with Fran Serlin from the Milwaukee Art Museum.†Fran must be given credit for excellent planning and her ability to work with†a diverse group of artist representatives.†Numerous meetings had taken place since early in 05 in order to determine the scope of the event, the participating artist organizations, and all other details.† This was an outdoor exhibition of artists from the Milwaukee County area, and it was created as a means for people to work with MAM to share in a celebration of our locally produced art.

† Participating groups included WP&S South East Chapter, Riverwest Artist Association, Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council, Riverwest Artist Association, Milwaukee Artist Resource Network, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, Bay View Arts Guild, AC Art Group, ABEA (African American group), Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art, and the League of Milwaukee Artists.† Each group arranged for members to participate and†provided their own tents and display materials.

† The weather and attendance were such that almost everyone came away with a very positive experience. Happily there were many artists who sold work during this first ever event. At the very least, each artist had a chance to interact with an audience†that doesnít always get a chance to see the art produced locally.† The whole experience bodes well for making this a tradition on the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum.

† A special thank you goes to the Museum for the opportunity to share in the energy and creativity of our regional artists.†

Art enthusiasts browse at the Milwaukee Artists Marketplace Visitors flood the booths of Paul Yank and Diane Arenberg at the Milwaukee Artist Marketplace Milwaukee Artists Marketplace
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