Sculpture must be touched to be completely experienced

Featured Artist Ben Barwick

"Masquerade", Bronze, 14"H by 12"W by 10" D, What is she hiding?
A statement by the artist

My objective is to create unique three-dimensional artworks and share my ideas of form. I want the viewer to be moved by the experience of my work. This may mean a significant emotional experience, or it may mean a simple appreciation of an abstract form. It could mean a chuckle from viewing a whimsical piece.

I strive to perfect the fundamentals of sculpture, Technique, Form and Content. Technique is the way the idea becomes a reality. Form is the shape in which the idea is presented. Content is the emotion or message that is presented. These fundamentals are interdependent and necessary to fine work.

In my stone sculpture, I simplify form and capitalize on the inherent beauty of the stone. The stones I use are mostly Marble, Alabaster and Limestone. Each has its own unique characteristics. Stone is demanding and unforgiving it also is FOREVER. Sometimes I make molds from some of my small stone sculptures so that I can cast limited editions of the piece in bronze, resin or cement. This makes the piece more affordable in the case of resin and cement, that more people may experience my work.
My clay work is usually realistic figures. Usually the piece is created from a live model. I sculpt the piece in oil based clay over an armature. Unlike stone, when working in clay, the artist is afforded the luxury of being able to change his mind or make corrections. Because the clay is not a permanent medium, I must make a mold and cast the piece in limited editions in either bronze or resin. If the piece is to be cast in bronze, a hollow wax casting is make and then the piece is cast in bronze using the “lost wax” method.

I believe that sculpture must be touched to be completely experienced. I therefore encourage people to pick up and touch my work.

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"Masquerade", Bronze, 14"H by 12"W by 10" D, What is she hiding? "Minotaur", Bronze, 13"H by 17"W by 13" D, from the isle of Minos "Musing", bronze, 18"H by 12"W by 15" D She wonders about the future.
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