If you studied my art you would know my heart

Featured Artist Bruce Niemi

"To Be Held" 2005 9'7" H x 38" W x 30" D stainless steel
I am a second generation sculptor, having been trained under my father Frank Niemi, (a self taught abstract sculptor, and ornamental iron artist). In 1968, at age twelve he taught me how to weld and my love for sculpture began. I received my BFA in sculpture from Northern Illinois University in 1981 and began a slow process of becoming a full time sculptor. Through faith, sweat and the support of my wife Suzi I went full time in 1987.

Stainless steel and silicon bronze are my primary materials of choice. I fabricate the sculptures from sheet using welding, plasma cutting, grinding and an initial pinch roller (the roller curves the metal). Texture and polishing is done to the stainless with grinders and hot and cold chemical patinas are used for color on the bronze. I do all of my own fabrication and love the process from start to finish.

The sculptures I create are characterized by an uplifting positive nature, my faith in God, the power, and beauty of nature and the energy and balance of dance are the driving forces behind my art. It would be safe to say if you studied my art you would know my heart.
My purpose is to stimulate the mind of the viewer, as well as creating a sculpture that complements and has harmony with the environment that it shares. Craftsmanship, structural strength, and public safety are also important elements.

The size of my sculptures range from small tabletop pieces to a large scale public art. Currently I have placed 22 public sculptures and have four more in outdoor public exhibitions. Suzi helps me with the business end of the art and we opened the Niemi Sculpture Gallery and Garden on our twenty acres of property in Bristol (Kenosha), WI. Our web site is www.bruceniemi.com

"To Be Held" 2005 9'7" H x 38" W x 30" D stainless steel "Celestial Trio" 2001 16.6' H x 7' W x 5.5'D stainless steel "Current View" 2005 79" H x 15" W x 16" D stainless steel/ bronzel
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