Inner worlds of memories and dreams

Featured Artist George Ronsholdt

Frogleg Special, Watercolor, 20" x 16"
Statement by the artist
My inspirations arise from inner worlds of memories and dreams. Everything I ‘ve read or seen perks through the cerebellum and emerges on the paper before me. It often surprises or amazes me. What presents itself to me as I’m working, I attempt to arrange in a composition that will travel the eye around the picture in an engaging journey. Being able to pit one color against another is always exciting and is one of my greatest pleasures. February 2006 marked my seventy-fifth birthday. It makes me conscious of the fact that I haven’t that many paintings left in me.

Frogleg Special, Watercolor, 20" x 16" Birds Flying South from Burning Goat, Resist Watercolor, 38" x 34" Donkey’s Destiny, Watercolor, 26" x 20"
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