Adding Wisconsin Art to the Curriculum

For those interested in injecting some Wisconsin art into the curriculum, Vergi Driscoll, an art educator for over 20 years, has prepared a set of lesson plans featuring hands on activities that connect student art making to the work of distinguished Wisconsin artists.

There is much rich content to explore. For most of us the limit of Wisconsin art in the curriculum has been Georgia O’ Keefe and Frank Lloyd Wright. The lesson plans presented by Driscoll delve deeply into exciting new territory.

The curriculum materials can be downloaded from the website of the Wisconsin Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards,, ( follow the link labeled “for teachers”) This site is an invaluable resource for art teachers and students (others may like it too) providing information about recognized Wisconsin artists and ideas for learning about them. The artists found here, have contributed much to this state and in many cases to the national art scene itself. These artists will inspire students to “reach for the stars” as they create and learn. Being informed of and experiencing one’s roots in art is key to defining who we are. We proudly present these artists!

The process of learning described in these plans is student centered, meaning that the teacher works closely with the student, encouraging the student to be a partner in his/her learning. Thinking and ideas are central to the meaning of art. In order to develop the mind, students need challenging tasks to solve, creative solutions to explore, and on-going individual reflection along with peer reflections/assessments throughout the process. The process is not linear but rather one dependent upon each aspect of the other.

The lessons presented in this Learning Page are meant for motivating students and teachers to define their own ideas using these steps as guidelines. Nothing is written in concrete. Lessons must be adjusted to the grade level, classroom situation, opportunities available in each district, and then redefined by the student with guidance of the teacher. With student input, they are applicable to any level and situation.

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