Kite photoraphy in Wisconsin

Book Review: Hanging by a thread

by Doug E. L. Haynes

When looking at art, it is always a joy to find a new take on something familiar. Craig Wilson’s book “Hanging By a Thread: A Kite’s View of Wisconsin” provides a delightful combination of known and novel. The premise is simple enough. Hang a camera from a kite and fly it over familiar territory. Wilson’s work shares the appeal of satellite photographs. I remember when satellite photography was first introduced it was a stunning new way to look at the world. It was a perspective that allowed me to imagine myself floating above the world. But in truth it is much easier to imagine oneself in the place the hawks occupy than 5 miles above the planet in geostationary orbit. The low technology involved is refreshingly simple and the distance from camera to subject is close enough to create a human scale. One can relate to being blown around by the wind. The kite photographs have a feeling of serendipity that is absent when looking at satellite photos, even satellite photos that have been plugged into all the gee wiz technology of google world. Wilson has done more than a novel trick, he has tapped into a fundamental truth of human experience. In life our dreams soar up, but those dreams are as tenuous as a kite on a string,

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