Katherine Steichen Rosing: Luminance

Three, 16" x 40" acrylic on birch panel, 2004
At the West Bend Art Museum, “One From Wisconsin Gallery” 300 South 6th Avenue, West Bend, Wisconsin, May 1 – 31, 2006

As a symbol of life and transformation, water is the dominant theme in Rosing’s paintings. “I am fascinated with water’s mercurial qualities and use metaphors of fluidity, to explore cycles and patterns of transformation, growth and decay. Water’s many states reflect environmental conditions, weather patterns, and extreme emotions. Its nurturing force sustains life, yet its power erodes the hardest rock. It can reflect or obscure, ripple or freeze.”

Rosing is a native of Wisconsin and an active member of the Wisconsin painters and Sculptors. Her work can be seen at www.studioKSR.com

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