When I first started painting in the medium, I was told “You can’t do that with watercolor”

Featured Artist Peggy Flora Zalucha

Harley, 52" x 80", watercolor on paper
When asked to submit to this publication, I asked what to write about, and was told to write about my art. However, being an artist is not only about the images that one creates. It is also about the action of BEING an artist. Yes, I paint. Not only that, I run a business that uses art in everyday settings. I employ artists. I teach. I’m involved in the development of my community. I am also dedicated to creating WP&S exhibitions that give artists the experience of developing, curating, hanging, and working out all details that go into putting on shows.

I tell this because my artwork is affected by all of the above. Mostly in the form of the lack of time that I have to make art. Thus, that time becomes more precious. There is less playing around in the studio and more painting with a purpose. This forces me to recall the approaches that I teach. I speak to myself, noting that if I tell my students to pay attention to some concept, then I should do so, too!

Change is good. To stimulate my imagination I will decide to try a new medium or material. Recently, I decided to paint on textured clayboard. I made sure I bought enough of the stuff to force me into a commitment to it. Fortunately, I liked painting on the surface with watercolors. Once fixed, the paintings can be presented without glass. Searching out unusual surfaces allows me to stretch the possibilities of what watercolor can do. When I first started painting in the medium, I was told “You can’t do that with watercolor”. Well, nobody told me that until after I had done it. I plan to continue doing things with the medium that are not possible. Look out!

Note: Peggy Flora Zalucha’s work can be seen at www.zalucha.com. Zalucha currently serves as state board president of the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors and also as chair of the South Central chapter. she will be teaching a Master Watercolor Class at the Racine Art Museum the week of September 11. Contact RAM for more information. www.ramart.org

Harley, 52" x 80", watercolor on paper Apples and Checks 16" x 20", watercolor on textured clayboard Brass and Boquet, 26" x 40" watercolor on paper Underwater 2 (Larkin), 13" x 40" watercolor on paper
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