I immerse myself in the act of creating and solving the problems of painting in my studio

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Waiting, 36" x 38" Oil
The world of art, teaching students and teachers, and advocating for arts education, has given me rich life These activities have shaped who I have become, especially teaching art to many 11th and 12th grade students. Today, many are artists, graphic designers, art teachers, doctors, lawyers, and in other professional fields. I say this because art is not just for artists, but for everyone to have a fully developed brain and an enriched life.

Needless to say, teaching at the secondary level limited the time I could spend in my own studio, but as an art teacher one is constantly growing and learning through study of the creative processes and art history as well as from motivated students. Now, as I am retired, I can immerse myself in the act of creating and solving the problems of painting in my studio, and I love it. I have been drawing and painting the human figure for many years. I studied and was influenced by the New Realist manner of painting in grad school; especially the work of Pearlstein. Using family members, students, and friends as my models, I focused not on the content or psychological affect of the figure but on the formal aspects of drawing and painting it. I found that the ultimate meaning emerges from the form as it is interpreted by viewers It cannot consciously be brought into being, nor can it be hidden. Every time I approach an empty canvas, I see new problems to be solved and purposely try to establish them so that I am constantly learning and expanding my aesthetic understanding of the figure and painting. It is significant to me that I keep focused on the figure even though it is not widely accepted as significant imagefor a painting. To me it is challenging.

Waiting, 36" x 38" Oil Inner Peace, 36" x 36" Oil Biker Chick, 36" x 46" Oil Sarah, 44" x 45" Oil
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