I blend images from science, myth and nature

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Improving on the Circle, woodcut, chine collč
Bonnie de Arteaga

Long ago human beings were attuned to phenomena in the sky. Unusual sightings in the heavens turned the course of history; changing battle plans, sending seekers after a star, or making worshippers drop to their knees in fear.

When the language of science became the favored tongue, lines and arrows, mathematical formulas and measurements pulled the stars from above to be captured and hidden in books. Today, where the light of commerce obscures the stars, and the mythical stories are seldom told, the images of Galileo and Hubble still inspire. With their help, I blend images from science, myth and nature to speak of the mysterious histories of the sky.

Many of my prints are inspired by star maps. I try to capture some of the human drama from Greek mythology that is imbedded in the naming and configuration of the constellations.

All of us are made of the stuff of stars. When we look into the night sky, we see ourselves as we were and as we will be. Telescopes of all kinds are instruments that allow us to experience reverential awe at the beauty of our universe. Galileo and Hubble are both my heroes and prophets.

Putting words and pictures together in meaningful ways has been the work of most of my life -- throughout my education in fine art at UW-Madison, employment in graphic design, commercial print management and public relations.
I had the good fortune to learn intaglio printing in the 60s at UW-Madison, and in 1997, I returned to full time fine printmaking at UW-Green Bay to explore intaglio, woodcuts and digital imagery. I work out of my print studio at Main Street Art Works, Hilbert, Wisconsin.

My recent editions employ mixed media printing in which I layer giclče, solarplate etching, copperplate etching, chine collč, collagraph, relief printing, and drawing in various combinations

My woodcuts begin as ink drawings or digital photos. I digitize and transfer them to birch plywood. The drawing is then cut with traditional woodcut as well as electric tools. The blocks are printed on my Conrad etching press.

Improving on the Circle, woodcut, chine collč M-ma-mountian, collagraph and chine collč, 15" x 22" Dark Nebula, woodcut collage and pastel 20" x 30" Sun Dog II, woodcut, chine collč and pastel 20" x 30" Eclipse woodcut, chine collč and pastel 20" x 30"
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