Millennium Murals and Milling Around

A Versitle studio in Mount Horeb adds a new dimension

In 1998, Peggy Zalucha founded Millennium Murals and dubbed it “the little studio with big ideas”. Since then the studio has become Millennium Murals and Milling Around, all part of Zalucha Studio. Along with her staff, Doug Haynes and Tamlyn Akins, Zalucha has brought the project from a dark basement workplace, through an incarnation that included a retail store on Main Street Mount Horeb, and now to a huge cold storage building converted into studio spaces. This active studio has large format printing capabilities, designs websites for artists and others, and develops environments for hospitals across the country. The South Central Chapter of WP&S met at the Mt. Horeb studio for a full service demonstration of their high tech capabilities. Visitors are always welcome.

In order to fill a void in western Dane county, the artists at Zalucha Studio decided to begin offering classes. Last summer, Peggy (a signature member of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America) taught a class in watercolor at the studio. Doug Haynes lead a group of artists in Plein Air painting which culminated in an exhibition at the Biochemistry Building at the UW-Madison. An article in the Wisconsin State Journal lauded the results. Jake Stockinger wrote ...much of the show “uses a small and intimate scale, which invites you into the image and, as good landscape does, puts you on the spot. It is appealing and affordable, and what more can you ask for? Capturing the Wisconsin countryside in summer of glorious greens and yellows is something to hang on the wall and warm you through the long Wisconsin winter. I know. Because I went to the show on a gray, cloud-covered chilly fall day and came away feeling brighter and happier.” Haynes was very pleased with the group that included every competency level from absolute beginner to the very experienced. It is expected that the Plein Air class will be held again next summer
Doug has also been teaching ‘Beginning Photoshop’ at the studio. Every student gets their own computer to work at during class. This will be an ongoing class.
This fall Peggy has been teaching a beginning watercolor class and Tamlyn Akins is giving a series of classes in the fine art of Origami.
The Zalucha Studio space is 3000 square feet and presents a friendly creative atmosphere for students and teachers alike. New classes will be forming in January. Peggy, Doug, and Tamlyn are proud that they can offer classes that are of high quality and of great interest to artists and the general public. Early next year, Peggy will begin importing art professionals from around the country, inviting them to bring their expertise to the rolling hills of Dane County. In January, Susan Webb Tregay will discuss ‘Design Strategies for all artists’ (see inset). For more information, special events, and upcoming class schedules, please visit

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