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Opening image for Vlash Droboniku’s animated film, "New York Sky".
Vlash Droboniku’s short film, “New York Sky,” has won the coveted Action/Cut 2006 Best Animation Film Award, announced Virgi Driscoll, Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors SE Chapter’s recently elected chair. Currently on view at:, this eight-minute short film is a moving juxtaposition of the loss, love and horror wrought around the world by 9/11, the event that shattered the American illusion of invincibility.

The tragedy of 9/11 engaged Vlash’s heart and spirit: the world’s response to the United States after 9/11, the innocence of the victims, the universality of the consequences of terrorists. After watching planes hit the towers on television, Vlash wrote the screenplay for his award-winning project and, two and a half years later, he finished the last of the 8,000 images that “New York Sky” required.

“New York Sky” director, animator, scriptwriter and producer Droboniku said of 9/11 that “Maybe God had, for a moment or two, taken his eyes off of the world, and the devil had stolen his chance.”
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In his native country of Albania, Droboniku pioneered animated film at New Albania film studio. Between 1975 and ‘85, he produced 27 films utilizing techniques such as cut-out paper, puppet and cell animation, specializing in films for children. At age 51, with his wife and two children, he moved to St. Francis, Wisconsin, where his prodigious talent in animated film earned him additional success.

In addition to his film making, Mr. Droboniku’s talents also lie in puppetry, children’s book illustrations, and painting. He is a member of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors.

Opening image for Vlash Droboniku’s animated film, "New York Sky". Vlash Dobroniku: Animator, book illustrator, painter, film-maker, and puppet theater artist. Powerful images express loss, love, and horror. 8,000 images took two and a half years to complete. The face of tragedy: innocent victims watch helplessly in "New York Sky".
The tragedy of 9/11 engaged Vlash’s heart and spirit.
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