Transition for Art in Wisconsin and

by Doug E. L. Haynes

This issue will be my first as editor of Art in Wisconsin. Hopefully it has arrived to you the reader with few glitches. I approach this work with the humility of someone who having read and enjoyed Art in Wisconsin for the last 12 years, is finally learning all the hard work that goes into the creation of each issue. This month will also be a transitional month for the WP&S website as I will also be taking over the reins of that venerable institution.
Many thanks go out to my predecessors for putting out a quality product. Harold Walker, who has developed the site for many years deserves much credit for his service to this organization. I would also like to thank outgoing Art in Wisconsin editor Mike Brenner as well as former editor Jim Ontney for carrying the WP&S torch over the years. I salute you and any work I do will be the result of standing on your shoulders.
This is an exciting time to be an artist in Wisconsin. New museums are sprouting up all over, and the vitality of the visual arts community is increasing dramatically. At the same time, there is much yet to be done. The degree to which living artists are exhibited and supported by museums and patrons is inadequate and will probably depend on the willingness of artists to become involved and advocate for the arts. I encourage each of you to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and share your thoughts on what is happening in your community. As you know the quality of this publication is largely dependant on the willingness of WP&S members to step forward and contribute content.
What to expect in the future? Like my predecessors, I intend to use this position to speak out on behalf of the visual arts. I also see this as an opportunity to expand my skills and learn new tricks, so be prepared for tweaks to the look and feel of Art in Wisconsin and In the next issue of Art in Wisconsin look for a more details on how you can be more active in providing content to the website and this publication.