I learned how to build up a painting from my father

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Easter, oil on acrylic, 17.6 x 13, 1988
Artist’s Statement
I was born in 1941 in Germany. After studying ancient languages at Gymnasium, I went to the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and to the College of Education in Ludwigsburg to study Painting and Art Teaching. In 1975 I received a Grant from the State of Baden-Württemberg for six semesters and studied Painting and Printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts and Art History at the University of Stuttgart.

For 25 years I worked as an Art Teacher at the Jörg-Ratgeb High School, Stuttgart, at last as a Deputy Principal. Since February 2004 I haave lived in Wisconsin, where I received permanent residence and became a member of WP&S.

I learned how to build up a painting from my father, the animal painter, Heinrich Kutzer, who had studied the techniques of the old masters in Berlin. In addition to painting I work also in etching and wood- and linocut. A lot of colored pencil drawings refer to my trips to Denmark, France, Italy and Poland. I’m also producing tarot decks in all the named techniques.

I had many solo and group exhibitions in Germany (i.e. Stuttgart, Tübingen, Hannover, Bamberg), Denmark (Grenaa, Roskilde, Anholt) and the Charles Allis Art Museum in Milwaukee.

For many years, I preferred a very detailed symbolic style in a mixture of still life and landscape with crabs, dolls and cemeteries. But when I discovered the beauty of the lake shore at Cudahy, I was so fascinated, that I changed for the first time to pure landscape painting. I’m not primarily interested in large panoramas, but in details like a cliff, a ravine or a group of trees.
I also changed my technique from oil painting to acrylic, as this color system is forcing me to a more open and not so finicky painting. All paintings of the last two years are related to the lakefront and the wonderful forest of Warnimont and Grant Parks.

Easter, oil on acrylic, 17.6 x 13, 1988 Abandoned Train Station, oil on acrylic, 20 x 27.6, 1990 After the Rain II , acrylic, 24 x 28.5, 2006 Last Light , acrylic, 14 x 10, 2006
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