Challenging myself to produce a fascinating photograph

Featured artist: Cardi Toellner

Red Flowers Rising, by Cardi Toellner, 2007
I have used a camera for as long as I can remember. It was used for fun, for travel and as a tool for when I was doing fine art and scientific illustration. Eventually, I switched to photography as my primary medium but with my art background, I found that rather than concentrating on traditional photography, I wanted to create photographic art.

With the advent of the digital camera came a new aesthetic awareness for me. With it, I was able to shoot, correct and print my work faster than I ever could before. I loved the immediacy of it all.

My work is done in my studio with objects that I have accumulated over the years, including 40-year-old material left over from my brotherís light sculptures, odd knick-knacks that I have collected, and other objects my life has accumulated. My setups are quite extensive and rather tricky, but challenging myself to produce a fascinating photograph is both very rewarding and a lot of fun. The distortions and abstractions are done in the setup before the image is in the camera, so I use Photoshop only for color correction or cropping. The images are printed on archival art papers with archival inks (unless otherwise stated).

This wonderful world of photography has become my passion.

Red Flowers Rising, by Cardi Toellner, 2007 Checks with Crystal Ball, by Cardi Toellner, 2007 Teapot with Checks, by Cardi Toellner, 2006 Stargazer Mask, by Cardi Toellner, 2007
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