Mazomanie Historic Art Center

by Nancy Cox

The village of Mazomanie, WI. located 20 miles west of Madison, is working hard to establish itself as a cultural tourist destination. The Downtown Historic District, comprising approximately 32 commercial and industrial buildings is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a unique collection of renovated storefronts and buildings from the mid 1800’s. Currently underway is a $9,000 Regional CBED (Community-Based Economic Development) Grant from the Department of Commerce to forge a “blue print” for development which will focus on the Arts Center as an important component to future cultural and historic growth.

A major step to transforming Mazomanie into a destination arts community has been the renovation of the Art Center Parman Blacksmith Shop which was completed in January, 2004. The Mazomanie Historic Art Center (MHAC) supports artists by providing functional, attractive, and affordable studio space, gallery space, and public exposure. MHAC offers educational opportunities for adults and school classes. This year, for example, classes taught by local artists include an introduction to pastels and a plein-aire painting workshop. A small, dedicated group of local artists has developed a calendar of events. Some programs are now in their 3rd year of evolution, and continue to grow in stature and quality.

The building currently houses exhibit space on two floors and is available for a nominal rental to artists for solo or group shows, classes and workshops. Ultimately the goal is to create artisanal studio space upstairs and a quality gift shop and gallery space on the first floor with additional studios within a short walking distance of MHAC.

Unless stated otherwise, during scheduled shows, the Center is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 4p.m.

Upcoming events include:
Art in the Park
June 22 - July 1
Sue Schuetz, Lori Haack, Susan Klabak and Bruce Fortney
Opening: Friday, June 22, 6 to 8:30pm
Sat 10-4, Sun 12-4

Beginning Pastel Workshop
June 30
Susan Klaback

Art of the Garden
July 20 - August 26
Second Annual Show
A show of artwork and floral arrangements by Mazomanie area artists and members of the Walking Iron Nature and Garden Society
Opening: Friday, July 20, 6-9pm

The Nature of it All
Friday, August 3, 9am-5pm
A One-Day Outdoor Painting & Drawing Workshop - Tina Duemler

Paint Mazo!
Saturday, August 4
An invitational outdoor painting day for landscape and plein aire artists
in conjunction with the Mazomanie Historical Society’s Home Tour