Milwaukee Artist Marketplace, July 28th, Milwaukee Art Museum

by Gary John Gresl

The Third Annual Milwaukee Artist Marketplace will take place Saturday, July 28th, on the grounds of the Milwaukee Art Museum, directly in front of the beautiful Calatrava addition.   It officially will begin at 10:00 that Saturday and remain open until 5:00.  This outdoor show was begun in 2005, organized by staff of MAM and representatives from nearly 10 artist organizations in Milwaukee County. 
The South East Chapter of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors will again be participating in this event, with around 14 of its members exhibiting.  Each organization chooses artist participants from its own membership.  Besides the SE Chapter of WP&S, other groups include the League of Milwaukee Artists, Riverwest Artist Association, ABEA, Walkers Point Center for the Arts, and more, including around 80 total artists.
This is the first ongoing collaboration between the Milwaukee Art Museum and regional artists since MAM closed down its Wisconsin art programs in 1995. It has proven quite successful in terms of attendance and creating a positive relationship between artists and the museum.
On another note, David Gordon, Director of MAM for the past five years, has announced his retirement.  He has stated that he intends to stay on in the Milwaukee area, probably as an art consultant.  The South East Chapter of WP&S extends thanks to him for being supportive of the Milwaukee Artist Marketplace, and wishes him good fortune and happiness.