Uploading to Your Art to artinwisconsin.com

by Doug E. L. Haynes

The latest improvment to the WP&S website allows members to upload an image of thier art as well as an artist’s statement, biography or resume.

Before you start you will want to have a professionaly prepared digital image. Please check for color correction and crop out the matt and frame.

The second thing you will need is your username and password to log into www.artinwisconsin.com. Your username can be found on the website. Click on “search for an artist” and search for yourself. Your name as it appears will be the username. To get your password go to the login page (a link at the bottom of each page labeled “members”) On that page there is a link labeled “lost password reminder.” Use that link to have your password emailed to you. If WP&S does not have your email on record there will be a warning message stating that is the case. If your email is not on record, contact your membership chair. Once you have your username and password you are ready to log in.

A successful login will lead you to the welcome page, where you will be presented with a series of options. The first option is “upload an image, upload biography”.This link will take you to a site which allows you to select an image from your computer to place on the WP&S site. The link “edit listing” will allow you to paste a biography or artist’s statement. (be sure to proofread!) Click on the link that says “Upload an Image” A page will open that asks you to choose a file from your computer. Once you have done this, click the button “upload now.”

If you would like to have an image and/or biography uploaded but would prefer not to do so yourself seek out a computer savy person to help you or contact me at aiw@emeraldstudio.com