The New Island Relocation Guide

by Doug E. L. Haynes

If you are tired of life in Wisconsin and are pretty sure there must be a better place out there, you might consider moving to New Island in the Indian ocean. A place with sunfilled landscapes and empty beaches.... Donít pack your bags yet. The climate might be beutiful there, but New Island is the product of WP&S member Lee Mothesí imagination. In his book The New Island Relocation Guide, Mothes has created a compelling narrative of this imaginary place. The book spares no effort to make the illusion complete. There are extensive maps, charts, and illustrations as well as a detailed account of the history, customs and climate of new island.
His island which exists on no map comes to life in this book. We are invited to contemplate and explore the possibilites of uprooting our lives and makeing a new start in a new place.
Since relocation to New Island is not a possibility, what this book does is open our mind to what the ideal life might be and what changes might be possible in our own life.

Lee Mothes can be reached at 920.766.7895 or

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