A student of Joe Friebert, Robert Von Neumann and Elsa Ulbricht

Featured Artist William Schulman

"The Collage of Life", William Schulman, Mixed Media Collage.

My artistic roots developed because of an innate curiosity in graphic line. My uncle, a passionate doodler with a pencil stub, loved to draw for me. I was a young, intrigued, observer who followed his mentoring scribbles. This led me to the art rooms throughout public school grades, eventually to UW-M and Joe Friebert, Robert Von Neumann, Elsa Ulbricht and on to “Oxbow” the Summer School of Pleine Air painting. My major developing artistic drive after school mentoring was learning to become an art teacher. The next six years at Boy’s Tech and North Division High in Milwaukee and then to Mukwonago, and back to Robert Fulton Jr. High gave me my teaching wings. Needing primary school experience, I next took such a position in Whitefish Bay.

I was then hired to be the Art Educator in a new forming art department at the University of Wisconsin-Stout led by Orazio Fumagalli. From 1966 through 1992 I helped develop about 200 new art educators. In doing so I was also able to immerse myself deeply into my studio, which our department provided for all teaching staff. It has been a great journey. From 1992 to the present our Studio Gallery has been our creative home. What a marvelous fifty years! Aren’t we lucky?
The Studio Gallery, 1982 -2007 Menomonie, Wisconsin

The Russell J. Rassbach Heritage Museum in Menomonie, Wisconsin has graciously given William Schulman and his wife Shirley Siegel Schulman a Retrospective Exhibition from Mar. 15 - April 27, 2008, their last joint exhibition and closing salute to their Studio Gallery.

Their fifth and last Studio Gallery Poster, “This Is My Shirley”, from a 1967 oil painting will be available at the exhibition. Friend and photographer, Peter J. Hybben has produced a visual essay of the Studio Gallery.

The Schulmanns were given this opportunity to celebrate an additional building and space added to the museum. Thus, contemporary imagery ushers in the eventual advent of historic artistic material & crafts. This important union joins a member of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors to the Dunn County Historic Society.��

"The Collage of Life", William Schulman, Mixed Media Collage. "The Studio Gallery", William Schulman, Encaustic. "The Purple Tree", Shirley Siegel Schulman, Acrylic. "The Window", William Schulman, Mixed Media Collage. "The Artist", William Schulman Mixed Media Collage.
"Flower Studies", William Schulman, Encaustic. This Is My Shirley, Oil, by William Schulman, 1967. Shirley Seigel Schulman William Schulman
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