Robert Ragir has informed the State Board of WP&S that the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation is offering a second CHALLENGE MATCHING GRANT in the amount of $12,500. This means that if WP&S can raise $12,500, then the Ragir Foundation will again deposit that amount into our Endowment Fund currently held in care by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.

Of course, the State Board has accepted that challenge, and does so with great gratitude to Robert Ragir and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation. We were successful in matching the first Challenge Grant, and we believe we can do it once more.

This means that the members of WP&S will be asked again to contribute all they can to this effort, knowing that for every dollar they give there will be another dollar added by the Ragir Foundation ... as long as we reach the total of $12,500. So ... if you are looking to give donations to a not-for-profit institution with a long history, or if you are feeling altruistic and sympathetic, and if you believe in the mission of WP&S, please strongly consider contributing to this second Ragir Challenge!

Contributions can be sent in care of Gary John Gresl, 8130 No. 45th St., Brown Deer, WI, 53223. Gary will see to it that you receive a letter of acknowledgment, and he will deposit the gift into the Endowment Fund invested by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.??