In January a new entry into the Greater Milwaukee and Wisconsin visual art scene was unveiled. This innovative concept is the creation of Data Dog Interactive Marketing, a marketing firm based in Milwaukee which has strong interest in promoting the visual arts of our region. is a free subscriber based weekly email “Art letter” that carries Wisconsin art into hundreds of homes, and eventually thousands of them. Each Wednesday an email is sent to the many art interested people on their list. This email carries with it a single image of art work created by a Wisconsin based artist, along with a brief bio of the artist. Along with the art there will be links for browsers to look at additional art by the featured artist. It also includes area attractions such as restaurants, museums and so forth. If the email is not your cup of tea, one can easily opt out of the ArtMail service by a simple click of computer keys.

To insure that the art which is included in the weekly mailings is of high quality, Data Dog has enlisted a jury of art professionals who make selections. For each year 52 artists across the 52 weeks will have an image of their work sent to the mailing list of subscribers. Subscribers can also link to a small online gallery that shows all the previous artists who have been part of Artmail Milwaukee.

Before launching, Data Dog’s head “Art Ambassador”, Johnathan Crawford , met with numerous art and business professionals to insure that the project was presented in a careful and high quality way. Johnathan has enlisted the assistance and advice of several of these arts professionals to continue offering input about the content and direction of the enterprise before and after the January launch.

It is hoped that this free ArtMail service will serve as a means to inform a greater public, both locally and nationally, about the wealth and quality of the visual arts in our state. With this new system, hundreds of artists will find their way on to desktops and homes of people who might otherwise never know of their existence.

Artists interested in having their work selected should go to and find the “submit your art” link at the bottom of each page. Any artist living in the State of Wisconsin, or having strong ties to the state, can be considered. Artists are also encouraged to join the email list so they can experience the impact of this new medium.

The creators of ArtMail Milwaukee say, “let us deliver a fresh piece of artwork to your email inbox each week.”