I am most interested in space, intuitive geometry, fractals, tessellation and compartmentalization.

Featured Artist Dara Larson

Theater-Dark on Mondays, ink on scratchboard, 18x24, 2007
Dara Larson is an Associate Professor of Art and Chairperson of the Aesthetic Engagement Ability Department at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She teaches printmaking, fibers, global papermaking, artist’s books, contemporary topics in art and international studies courses to Spain and Mexico. Her work at the college has included participation in the United States Department of Education Grants in Latin Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies. Larson also relies upon the experiential elements of travel study to inform the content of her teaching and studio practice. She has lectured and studied in Europe, South American, Central America, North America, Australia and New Zealand. In July of 2008, Larson will exhibit and provide media demonstrations at the Saitama Museum of Modern Art in Japan with other artists from the Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors Wisconsin Saitama Art Exchange. This is a continuation of the 2005, Two Cultures-One Spirit, artist exchange program. Larson hosted Japanese papermaker Jun Harada to teach Eastern paper during a conference that explored cultural art practices.

Larson’s artworks have been exhibited and collected internationally. She works in drawing, printmaking, papermaking, digital imagery, and artist’s books. Her current work includes a focus on the architectural and psychological conditions of cities or urban environments in relationship with nature. The portrayal of the city is emphasized through metaphoric depictions of contemporary events. Organic, intuitive forms are contrasted with geometric structural components to elicit both spatial and emotional reactions to the state of living in a community. Figures, landscapes, monuments, and occurrences are used as metaphors, exaggerated recreations, or reconstructions of reality.

Larson states, “I am most interested in space, intuitive geometry, fractals, tessellation and compartmentalization. These interests are connected to observing patterns in both natural and manmade forms. My work continues to develop connections to psycho geography and spatial identity. Much of the work depicts symbolic narratives and relies upon fusions of intuitive mathematical systems, natural phenomena and human interaction. The work examines the human impulse to control planning of natural and spiritual forces”.

Larson works predominantly in printmaking and drawing. The use of additive and reductive drawing upon a scratchboard clay surface allows her to use very loose and painterly ink during the first stages of a work. Later she refines and tightens the image as it reveals itself through the drawing process.

Theater-Dark on Mondays, ink on scratchboard, 18x24, 2007 No Small Plan, ink on scratchboard, 24” x 36”, 2007 Seed Bank - Cornucopia-Dystopia, ink on scratchboard 2 panels, 36” x 36”, 2007 Seven Deadly Cities, drypoint with watercolor, 22 x30. 2007
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