New Chicago Art Magazine

by Doug E. L. Haynes

Coming in October look for the launch of a new Chicago based art magazine titled Prompt, which hopes to fill the void left by the demise of the monthly New Art Examiner and bimonthly Dialogue. Each issue will be built around a theme; the first is “Practical Revolution.” The magazine is anticipated to be about 76 pages and will sell for $15 a copy.

The publication plans to include a a portfolio section. which will feature artwork addressing the theme of that issue as well as running stories that address issues of the day, and their relationship to the Chicago art community. The magazine plans to put art making in context by tapping the perspectives on art of experts in various fields, such as economics, law, medicine, technology, anthropology, and architecture.

The editor of Prompt will be Jeremy Biles. Biles has this to say:
“Prompt is diverse in its methods and interests, but focused in its intent to inform, analyze, and illuminate.  It is a place where unexpected ideas and approaches can converse, collaborate, or even clash, creating productive tensions and catalyzing thought.  It’s a publication that will interest anyone who wants to understand - and impact - the role of art in the wider culture”.

Prompt will be published by the Chicago Artists’ Coalition, an organization whose mission is similar to that of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors. Like WP&S the CAC seeks to strengthen the local art community, educating the public about the value of the visual arts to society, and improving the environment in which artists live and work.

Subscriptions can be purchased by contacting the Chicago Artists’ Coalition at 312-781-0040.