WP&S artists prepare for Japan Exhibition

Japan exchange participants
Participants in the 2008 Japan exhange met in Delafield on March 30 to collect art for shipment to Japan and to make plans for the event.

This year WP&S artists will travel to Japan for an exhibit, demonstrations, and a good dose of Japanese culture from July 14 - 23. The exhibit will be held at the Saitama Museum of Modern Art.

This will be the fourth time that WP&S memberts have connected with our counterpart organization, Japan on the Road. The first event was in Wisconsin in 2000, followed by an event in Japan in 2002. The Japanese artists returned to Wisconsin in 2005. For some WP&S artists this trip will be the first time to travel to Japan; for others it will be a chance to renew fast friendships.

For more information on the Japan exhange see: www.artinwisconsin.com/public/archive_japan.php