Dreams, stories and adventures

Featured Artist Kiyong Bae

Untitled, 23" x 14" x 11", Ceramic, 2003
I was born in Seoul, Korea and spent my childhood in a small town. My mother loved arts and crafts. And she owned a antique shop which was full of interesting things such as hundreds-year-old ceramic jars, articles of old style wooden furniture, small sculptures and old books. They had been handed down from generations past and filled me with dreams, stories and adventures. The memories of my childhood are a root of my works. My ceramic sculptures are also based on my personal perspectives on life. It is intriguing to know that life is filled with changeable elements and their unchangeable meanings. I use ordinary elements surrounding me to create sculptures that have broader and more universal meanings. My choice of imagery is predominantly influenced by Korean tradition and culture. Nevertheless, my exposure to two worlds - American and Korean contributes greatly to the vast vocabulary of cultural blending that characterize my work.

Untitled, 23" x 14" x 11", Ceramic, 2003 Head, 17" x12" x 11", 2003 by featured artist Kiyong Bae
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