Muted colors, soft organic shapes, and soft edges.

Featured Artist Laura Ibbotson

Cat Mountain, 9" x 10.5", 2006. Watercolor
Laura Ibbotson is a landscape painter who works in both watercolor and oil. She enjoys the intrinsic qualities of each media type. For Ibbotson, oil creates a substantially thick and heavy opaqueness. Conversely, watercolor is light and airy; combined with dry brush and pencil techniques, it creates vista-like light-filled atmospheric effects. However, the employment of each media typifies her style with lower contrasting muted colors, soft organic shapes, and soft edges.

Landscapes are her subject matter of choice because of their awe inspiring sense of beauty and order. Ibbotson always tries to reveal other natural subject matter by capturing perspectives which have been overlooked.

Ibbotson has pursued various artist residencies, starting with a residency at Whitefish Dunes State Park in Door County, Wisconsin. Ibbotson was one of twenty artists-in-residence hosted at the Forbes Trinchera Ranch in Fort Garland, Colorado, with work from the residency published in American Artist Magazine. Her paintings in response to these residencies and her other work have been exhibited in shows organized by the Maryland Federation of Art; the Missouri Watercolor Society; the Anderson Arts Center, and the Forbes Gallery in New York. Recently, she received a grant from the Mary L. Nohl Suitcase Fund for her Forbes residency.

Laura Ibbotson maintains a studio in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work can be seen at:��

Cat Mountain, 9" x 10.5", 2006. Watercolor On the Edge, 18" x 11.5", 2006, Watercolor Misting Mountains, 4" x 9.5", 2006, Watercolor Aspens, 14.5" x 10.5", 2006, Watercolor
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