Changes to

by Doug E. L. Haynes

In an effort to make our website more useful to the art-going public, will be inviting museums, galleries and other venues to post exhibits, events and opportunities directly to the website.   WP&S members will also be able to take advantage of the revamped content management system to post their member news on the site.
The procedure to use this system should be fairly straightforward.   Non-members will need to register before they login.   (Registration is one of the options on the site login page.)   Look for a link to the login page in the lower left hand corner of every page.  The login page will also offer options to look up username and retrieve passwords.   Once you are logged in follow the link titled “add event”.   There are a variety of event types including exhibits, classes and other opportunities.  Once an event has been posted, the site offers an option for uploading an image to represent the event.
Events can be posted well in advance and will gradually move up the listing as the date draws near.  Events that are over will be removed automatically from the site.