The Vote

At press time for this issue of Art In Wisconsin we were still in the process of receiving the final postcard ballots in the mail. The first week of voting brought in returned cards that made a 3” thick stack! It was a great pleasure to see this high a “turnout” of membership participation in the voting process. These are two huge concerns for our organization. Judging from the early returns, it would seem both of the issues were going to pass by large margins.

But, let’s wait for all the votes to be counted before we proceed! I expect to have all the cards by the first or second week in June and then will officially count the votes.

If you have any questions or feedback, you always have chapter representation through your elected Chairs or direct communication with State Board Members via e-mail or phone.

On behalf of the 2007-08 WP&S State Board,
David Sear
WP&S/WAAM State Vice-President
Incoming State President 2008-09 cycle