My abundant love of life shines through in my photographs.

Featured Artist Mary Ann Carter

White Lies digital photography 16” x 25”, 2008
Before Mary Ann Carter could speak, before she understood, before she knew what the wonder of this magic box called a camera was, she would play with form, pattern and color in her mind.

As a child, Mary Ann would spend endless hours listening to stories that her family and relatives told. She would delight in wonder at the world that came to life in them. She now sees these stories in her images - she has been visually telling their stories and making new ones. “I tell my story to pass down to my children and grandchildren.” “I believe in the “triumph of life.” It is my abundant love of life that shines through in my photographs.”

Mary Ann has an elegant way of capturing a moment in time…a moment visualized through her unique vision and experiences. Combined with her skill of recording not only the picture, she develops the soul of the moment that will never be repeated.

Mary AnnCarter’s tenure in photography is short. She is primarily self-taught. “I have learned to trust my instincts, giving myself the freedom to discover a fresh perspective.”

Mary Ann Carter is that woman in waders standing in the river or lake or she is up a tree searching for the best perspective with her camera again! She can even take a picture from the back of a mule. She claims the world as her studio and she enjoys every moment and seizes each day with a smile.

Carter’s Work has been featured in private, public, national and international shows and has received awards. See more of her work on page 11. Mary Ann can be contcted at

White Lies digital photography 16” x 25”, 2008 Something To Crow About 21” x 31”, 2006 Girls Just Want To Have Fun digital photgraphy 16 x 30, 2008 From Hand To Mouth digital photgraphy 17” X 28”, 2008
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