Unmasked and From Wisconsin

by Gary John Gresl

Photograph by Shimon & Lindemann
Good news regarding MAM!

By Gary John Gresl

Well... Was it a plan, or was it just coincidence? The Milwaukee Art Museum has had 3, I say THREE... Yup! Count um...three exhibits of art produced by Wisconsin based artists...all at the same time.

There is the installation in the long west corridor of the Calatrava by Milw. based artist, Santiago Cucullu, the exhibit by Manitowoc based artist photographers, John Shimon and Julie Lindemann on the mezzanine level titled “Unmasked and Anonymous”, plus a very interesting exhibit of well crafted 19th century Wisconsin made decorative arts in the lower level.

The Cucullu show goes to January 4th; the Wisconsin Decorative Arts exhibit to Jan. 4th as well, and the Shimon Lindemann exhibit to Nov. 30th, Besides having a chance to see these three WI exhibits, viewing the changed installations in the 20th and 21st century can be motivating and exciting to the receptive appreciator.

May I suggest that we all view the shows, and give acknowledgement to the curators and staff of MAM for the opportunity given to our regional art and artists? These exhibits did not undermine the quality of MAM, and they provide the chance for the local citizenry to see what Wisconsin artists can do. It’s a good thing, and is it not a win-win-win situation?