Message from WVA President, David Sear

Dear Members:

As you all know at your local Chapters, there’s a lot happening. This brief report will update you on items from our State Board level.

The name change update: Although the vote went through sometime ago and results were reported in the last issue, we patiently await our official paperwork from various agencies through the State of Wisconsin. This is sure to happen soon and I will notify your Chapter Chairs once this happens. Be patient, this is no small task! By the time you are reading this, I anticipate the logo competition to be underway.

The WVA Statewide Biennial prospectus is upon us. Look it over, enter, tell someone about it.

Soon to arrive in the mail will be an update on our State Endowment. We are asking for donations to meet a challenge grant from the Ragir Foundation. Any gift is greatly appreciated and will ensure financial stability for WVA.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly express our appreciation and gratitude to attorney Fred Safer, who has very generously donated his time and counsel, not only navigating our organization through the steps in the name change process, but also in providing years of service for us. As a grass roots, all-volunteer organization of artists, we greatly appreciate your service. Thanks Fred!

Wishing you a productive fall season of art-making,

David Sear, WVA State President