Life is a challenging and informative teacher

Featured Artist Jill Verbick

Catching Humpty Dumpty, Oil , 16” x 20”
Life is a series of evolutions. We are always in flux. Change is sometimes difficult but necessary. Not every journey we take should be planned and many should be totally against our will. Life is a challenging and informative teacher. The things I paint and how I paint them are more than a record of who I am and where I’ve been. In paint I create heroines and angels, protectors and survivors. I become more of what I create.
I am larger and stronger because of the chances I take and my ability to freely and fully expose myself. Those who see what I paint have the freedom to react as they like just as I am free to express. Each time I expose my heart, there is someone eager to reach out and touch it. With the desire to connect, the solitude of the studio is filled with life. Paint mixed with substance creates an intimate conversation.
I work in a number of mediums, from pastel to oil. My love is in the figure and portraiture. In the last few years, an illness has affected my eyesight, and the world is slowly becoming a blur. As an artist, this affects me everyday. I demand that my work rise to a higher level, just when my body is challenging my ability to live up to that ideal. I always believed that somewhere in me is “the painting”. As the clock ticks and lines fade, I paint with both joy and sadness. As I search for that illusive masterpiece, I cherish each and every precious moment I live as an artist. Never take for granted the artist’s gift of seeing the world as no other can.

Catching Humpty Dumpty, Oil , 16” x 20” Brianna, 20” x 50” Mama Earth 16’ x 20” Home is Where the Heart is, 18” x 24” Still Waters Run Deep, 16” x 20”
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