I take a large concept and re-picture it

Featured Artist Kate Bradley

Elysian Loop 36 x 24, by Kate Bradley
The joy of thinking and the divine frustration of oil painting, in combination, drive me to create. Painting allows me to investigate thoughts and concepts that intrigue me from mythology to metaphysics. Seeing with my mind’s eye and interpreting those images in a way that makes sense to me is what eventually becomes a painting. In other words, I take a large concept and re-picture it, much like an author might reword a concept to better explain it.

I’m a fairly ordinary person who strives for an uncomplicated life. Painting allows me to mull over the big stuff and make pictures that say, “This is what I get out of it.”

I’m interested in creative thought in art and science and pushing ideas. For me, the idea is the most important element in a work of art.

I explore ideas in series. While each series might not look connected to each other in subject matter and style, they are connected by the thought from the end of one series to the thought that begins the next series.

My most ambitious series, to date, was on the subject of the planets in the night sky. Night. It’s dark out there. What are those planets doing in that dazzling sky? Are they having a good time? What kind of good time? What if they’re playing jazz? Soon the idea developed to give each planet a body based on their astrological description and match a musical instrument to their temperaments. It all fell into place. Since we are standing on Earth looking out at the night sky, I included the Moon. I call the series “Midnight at the Moonlight Lounge”.

I had done months and months of research on astrology and astronomy. My research led me to mathematics and physics. Quantum Theory led me to String Theory, which scientists explain is the idea that particles smaller than an atom are tiny, oscillating, dancing loops of filament or strings. What would that look like, I wondered? What would a wiggly, squiggly “string” look like if it were captured in mid-wiggle? “Elysian Loop” and the paintings in that series are my interpretation of String Theory.

Elysian Loop 36 x 24, by Kate Bradley Loop de Loop, Oil, by Kate Bradley Zoom, Zoom, by Kate Bradley Etherial Thread, 24 x 36, by Kate Bradley Gangle Tangle Blue, 24 x 24, by Kate Bradley
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