Do You Save Your Old Newsletters?

by Nancy Lamers

Ok all of you fellow WP&S/WAAM members, how many of you are pack rats? This is an unusually important question at this time. Gary Gresl, Jan Roberts, and I have been going through all of our organization’s archival materials at the downtown Milwaukee Public Library. We are in the laborious process of sorting through materials and organizing them chronologically. But, might I emphasize, this has been a very rewarding and interesting activity. I have had the great pleasure to look through so many fascinating old documents. I want to keep going back just to browse through what we have there. This is so important to document the history of Wisconsin art. I’m hoping you will feel motivated to make the trip to the library sometime to see what we have.

Last week, I organized all of our newsletters. There are many gaps in our collection. I am now putting out the call for all of you to look through your piles of stuff to see if you can contribute any of these missing newsletters. It is my belief that it would be best to have a complete collection at the library. These are the missing issues: If you have any you can part with, you can mail them to me at:

Nancy Lamers
N8082 Pine Ct.
Theresa, WI 53091

Missing Newsletters:

2003 – January through June
2001 – Vol 6
1998 – Vol 2, 4
1997 – Vol 6
1996 – Vol 3
1995 – Vol 2, 3
1994 – Vol 3, 4
1993 – Jan, Apr/May, June/July, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan
1992 – Nov/Dec
1990 – Nov/Dec
1988 – May, June, July, Nov, Dec
1987 – Jan, Feb, Sept, Dec
1986 – Dec
1985 – Feb
1984 – Jan, Feb, Apr, May, July, Aug, September
1983 – Jan, Feb, March, Apr, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct