A new Gallery/Coop In Madison

by Doug E. L. Haynes

The gallery at 1934 Monroe St.
It is always heartening to see artists take matters into their own hands. That is the case at the newly established Hue gallery on Monroe St. in Madison. Finding themselves in need of space to work and sell their art co-founders Rachel Fox and Erin Murray decided to renovate a house into gallery space and form a coop gallery. Here are Fox’s thoughts on the gallery: “Our goal for Hue Art Gallery is to form an artist-run collective to promote collaboration and networking within the local art community.’ Their plan is to concentrate on contemporary art. They are seeking emerging and established artists to join the coop but will also offer exhibition opportunities for non-member artists. Fox’s vision for the gallery extends beyond exhibition. “We plan to promote art education and enrichment within the Madison community through artist-led classes and instruction. Through our commitment to maintaining an environment that encourages open artistic dialogue and expression, we hope to become an exciting new venue on the Madison art scene.”
There will be a link to the coop application from the opportunities section of the artinwisconsin.com site.

Note Hue is now called Ma Cha

The gallery at 1934 Monroe St. co-founders of Hue: Rachel Fox and Erin Murray
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