An energy and a rhythm in the composition

Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson

Vine Cuttings
My work as a printmaker-etcher is focused mainly on the still life image. I love the act of drawing itself and the print becomes the next step to take that drawing to another level, to study the line, shape, color and depth of a thing. It is deliberate and also instinctive. As I draw from an image, it sometimes takes on a personality or becomes a representation of playful words or phrases. I see my images as personalities interacting within their own worlds.
My mezzotints are my most personal images and I always incorporate an element of glass (for its reflective and distortive qualities) along with a natural element to create my signature. I often use repetitive objects each bathed in light but affected differently by it.
Although my first love is the black and white image, I have begun to experiment with color etchings as a natural transition. The color prints require a well-thought-out plan for several plates which need to be worked in conjunction with each other
My monotypes I see as a complement to the tightly controlled etchings. Even though they, too, must be carefully composed ahead of time, the initial drawing is used under the clear plate to which I apply the ink, and the image relies on layer after layer of ink washes which rely on color and brushwork and a confident hand. As I usually work these in series of three or four, they become a release for me to be more spontaneous and expressive. My monotypes have also acted as preliminary investigations into future mezzotint and etched images.
Even though I work mainly with “still life”, my images are rarely still. There is always an energy and a rhythm to the composition. I like the interplay of the objects with each other and their environment. Sometimes my interest is to pull the objects out of their surroundings and sometimes I like to play with the overall surface pattern and play the object into its background.
Jackson’s work can be seen at the Grace Chosy Gallery in Madison, and at the Peltz Gallery in Milwaukee. Or visit her website at

Vine Cuttings Little Green Apples On Fortune’s Throne Pink Glass with Peonies #1
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