WVA’s New Logo and Publication

This issue marks the debut of Wisconsin Visual Artists’ new logo. It was selected for its contemporary design, graphic quality, and will represent WVA as an organization of visual artists creating in a variety of formats. While the “Art In Wisconsin” moniker has served us well, it is time to start fresh and move ahead with our new name for all aspects of our organization. This change will be reflected in our website and publication names to become just Wisconsin Visual Artists

There were 31 entries submitted from 13 current members of WVA. The competition itself drew some new members into our ranks. Serving on the logo committee were Katherine Rosing (SC), Chris Miller (SE), Chris Style (NE), and Virgi Driscoll (SE). Deliberations and discussions over the logo entries were thorough, with each committee member offering their choices and reasons. It was a difficult decision, but in the end, Maureen Kane of MMK Design in Milwaukee submitted the new design. Maureen has worked in the design field for 23 years and hopes to renew her art-making side. Congratulations, Maureen! The Logo Committee Members also deserve our thanks for all their hard work and patience through the process.

Going forward, our publication will now be on a quarterly basis. There are several reasons for this change. The first comes from our assessment of how to better manage our finances and consequent efforts to bring our publication expenditures in line with our projected yearly budget. This year has marked huge strides in that area which the WVA State Board hopes to build on. Secondly, we hope to involve more member contributions for articles. WVA has a talented membership with lots of expertise. With a bit more time between issues, the State Board hopes to make this a more manageable proposition. And lastly, print publications are scaling back everywhere, driving more and more content to the internet. This is the direction we are also heading. But, fear not, our print version will be around for a long time to come.

So enjoy! Please spread the word regarding WVA’s exciting news.

David Sear
WVA State Board President