The Arts Scene on Monroe St.

If you haven’t noticed yet, This issue contains two stories that focus Monroe St in Madison. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Monroe St. It runs from Camp Randall stadium to the Near West side Although it is a busy Street it still retains a neighborhood feeling.

A few reasons to check out the Art Scene on Monroe St.

Grace Chosy Gallery
1825 Monroe St.
Read about Chosy Gallery in this Months issue of AIW

The paintings in Mickey’s Dairy Bar
1511 Monroe St.
I am told the work is created by one of the cooks. Look for well crafted oils depicting images of the staff and surroundings of the restaurant. The breakfast there is also excellent.

Monroe St Fine Art Center
2526 Monroe St.
Offers classes for adults and children...You might want to invite them to your next show.

Possible work by Frank Lloyd Wright?
At the far West end of Monroe where it meets Nakoma road.
Surrounding a small spring pond where ducks feed there is an elaborate stone steps and wall constructed out of one of Wright’s favorite materials: limestone. Rumors has always had it that Wright was the designer.

Milward Farrell Fine Art
2701 Monroe St.
A nice selection of Art and Fine craft

Hue Gallery
1934 Monroe St.
See story in this issue.

Madison Creative Artists Program Offices at 3200 Monroe St,
Madcap hires artists to work with young people. Look in this issue’s opportunities for chances to participate in Madcap Programming.

DeRicci Gallery
In DeRicci Hall, Edgewood College
The art gallery of the College puts on an amazing variety of exhibitions throughout the year. Edgewood College has also been host to a number of South Central Chapter meetings recently.

Note from the editor
You ask Why Monroe St?.... That’s my backyard. Do you know of a corner of Wisconsin that has a concentration of artistic activity? It would take me 6 months of research to put together a comprehensive guide to the arts in Door County or Appleton, but for someone who lives in the area it could be done in 30 minutes. Send your information for publication in future issues of Art In Wisconsin to:
Art in Wisconsin
c/o Doug Haynes
1008 Emerald St.
Madison, WI 53715