Future of Zingale Mural in Doubt at UW-Madison

by Tony Rajer

Around 1958 Wisconsin artist and UW art professor Santos Zingale (1908-1999) and others painted “UW Campus” for the School of Education. Thte mural remained in the Education building until 2009 when it was removed from the wall by contractors for the remodeling of the building. The oil-on-canvas mural, which had been glued to the wall with lead white adhesive sustained damage in the removal process. University officials, unaware of the history and importance of the mural are hoping that it can be made presentable again, though they say that funds are not available for restoration of the work. The Art Department, which falls under the School of Education has been asked to look at the mural. In addition, Zingale’s first mural for the School of Education in 1943 is now lost, due to a previous remodeling. It’s hoped that “UW Campus” might be saved and properly conserved, considering that no money has ever been invested in the care and preservation of the mural over the past 60 years, it would seem only right that the mural be treated with care and respect, considering Santos’ pivotal role in the development of the arts in Wisconsin. Further information can be obtained by contacting rajert@gdinet.com