Supporting local art makes all of us richer

by Christina Button

Recently I attended an enjoyable art opening in conjunction with our Appleton Art Center.

For years, I have encouraged my community and friends to experience the joy that I get
from original art, especially in my home. Each piece has a story. It reflects a memory of some special time, place, person, artist, dealer, or just the feeling I get from how the artist uses certain colors and shapes.

When I get to know the artist, itís even more special because I make a connection to someone whose work has touched me. Lee Mothes was one such artist I met 21 years ago. I have watched him grow as an artist over the years, and it has been a very rewarding experience.

A local businesswoman I know used all original art in her buildings. She cared about her people and it showed. Her employees had a wonderful environment to work in and the artists were pleased to have their work in a public space. To continue that connection when she retired, she gave her employees their favorite piece.

Artists are an essential part of a healthy, sustainable community. So letís show our appreciation and support whenever we can. Weíll be richer as an individual and community for having done so.