A depth of texture

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Gratitude, 36 x 48, acrylic on panel
My art has moved from oil and acrylic paintings to bronze wall sculpture; from paintings that protruded from the wall, to painted free-standing sculpture, mosaics of furniture, fountains and sculpture and now back to acrylic paintings.
My paintings are made with, what I think, are well balanced compositions over a visually textured base with overlays of glazes and weaves of color imbedded with metallics that give it the depth of woven metallic thread and the flow of satin. The painting is then covered with a high gloss resin.
Both my mosaics and my two-dimensional pieces have a depth of texture that demands to be touched and deep glass details that appear to glow from within. The mix of materials I use in all my art forces me to view color in a whole new way and to find a balance between sparkle and vapidity, excitement and calm. My compositions tend to be playful and reflect my interest in the formal aspects of color, line, form, and movement.
I would like to believe my art will transcend time and each generation of eyes will see a new style that is relevant to their own era a style that will look as fresh tomorrow as it does today.

Gratitude, 36 x 48, acrylic on panel Ocular - triptych: Stained glass, stainless steel, Carrara marble, slate, glass tile, ribbed mirror The Slice 30 x 48 acrylic on panel Unnamed 24 x 60, acrylic on panel
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