Arts Day March 2 and 3: Your chance to be an Arts Advocate

On Arts Day, hundreds of representatives of Wisconsin’s extraordinary arts community come together for one day to:
• Celebrate all that’s happening in the arts across Wisconsin
• Connect with old and new friends
• Educate legislators about the importance of investing in the arts, to strengthen Wisconsin’s economy, educational system, and social infrastructure.
Past participants have enthusiastically reported two things about Arts Day: First, they feel empowered by gathering together with like-minded people. Second, they say that Arts Day is the best arts networking event of the year. This is one of the only times that Wisconsin’s diverse, multi-layered and fabulous arts industry gathers together in one place, to show what a strong, vital arts community we have in Wisconsin. Events like Arts Day, combined with advocacy at home, lead to greater understanding by decision-makers of the power of the arts to transform Wisconsin’s communities. Now, we’re looking for significant increases in state arts funding. The unified voice of the arts community is critical to this success.
Decision-makers need to be educated about the importance of the arts to everyone, everywhere in Wisconsin, every day of the year. It’s especially important this year to be out in full force to come to Madison on Arts Day to say, “please invest in the arts in your community and across the state!”
For more information visit or call 608-255 8316