Help us meet our challenge grant!

Support the WVA Endowment

As you can see from the thermometer we are nearing our goal of $50,000.
In May, Endowment Chair Barbara Banerian, David Sear, Gary Gresl, and Virgi Driscoll met with Robert Rajir to discuss past and future directions for the WVA Endowment. Mr. Ragir, who has been instrumental in helping WVA guide the fund in this incubation period, is eager to see us meet his matching grant by raising $12,500 by the end of 2011. At this meeting, he committed $3500 that matches the funds we have already raised! This money is invested with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. When we reach the $50,000 mark, WVA will then be able to draw on the returns from this fund to help us financially. The fund is permanent and invested in perpetuity. Anyone can donate or make it a part of their estate planning. This fall, we plan to put together a small campaign to help us get to our $50,000 goal. Thank you all for your support. This is the beginning of a gift for present and future artists in our state!