A message from our incoming WVA president

WVA president Christine Style

Mischievous Heart by Christine Style woodcut print with handcoloring, 22 x 16, 2010
This issue of the WVA magazine marks my first as the new president of the WVA State Board. I welcome the opportunity to contribute to the visual arts in Wisconsin in this new role. I invite you to spread the word about the upcoming 2011 Wisconsin Biennial it is open to all visual artists over 18 living in Wisconsin working in most any medium. The prospectus for this exhibit is in this issue. I invite members to link their websites to the WVA website and to update their information on our website. I also ask for your help in building the WVA endowment by inviting others you know who are supportive of the visual arts in Wisconsin to donate and help us reach our goal. Additionally, I invite those who are members to invite others to join us by applying for membership in one of our three WVA chapters. I thank the Wisconsin Arts Board for the partnership grant they have awarded WVA their support helps keep this magazine alive. I look forward to working with all the WVA chapters, we are all volunteers working together to improve the visual arts in Wisconsin, network and exhibit with each other and communicate what we do as artists to others.
Thank you,
Christine Style stylec@uwgb.edu

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